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Opinions of the Hainan Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China on Conscientiously studying, propagating and implementing the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Party

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Opinions of the Hainan Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China on Conscientiously studying, propagating and implementing the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Party
(Adopted at the Third Plenary Session of the Seventh Hainan Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China on October 30, 2017)
  In order to further study and publicize, comprehensively and accurately implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Party,To unify the thoughts and actions of the broad masses of Party members and cadres in the province to the 19th National Congress of the Party,统一到习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想上来,Do not forget the original intention, remember the mission,We will accelerate the building of a beautiful new Hainan with economic prosperity, social civilization, a livable ecology and people's happiness,The following observations are made。
  I. Fully understand the significant and far-reaching historical significance of the 19th National Congress of the Party, and thoroughly study, publicize and implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Party
  1.Conscientiously study, publicize and implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Party as our province's primary political task at present and in the future period。The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China is a very important congress held at the decisive stage of China's building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects and at a crucial time when socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era。The report system of the 19th National Congress summarized the historic achievements and historic changes in reform, opening up and socialist modernization made by the people of the whole country under the leadership of the Party since the 18th National Congress,It outlined a grand blueprint for completing the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects and accelerating the building of a great modern socialist country,It is the political declaration and program of action for our Party to unite and lead the people of all ethnic groups in China to decisively win a moderately prosperous society in all respects, win new victories for socialism with Chinese characteristics, and realize the Chinese dream of great national renewal。十八届中央纪委工作报告明确了当前和今后一个时期全面从严治党的目标任务,是新时期全面推进党风廉政建设和反腐败工作的纲领性文件。大会通过的《菠菜信用网》,把党的十九大报告确立的重大理论观点和重大战略思想写入党章,体现了党的理论创新和实践发展的最新成果。党的十九届一中全会选举产生了以习近平同志为总书记的新一届中央领导集体,深得全党全军全国各族人民的衷心拥戴,为我们党继续带领全国各族人民团结奋斗提供了可靠的政治保证和组织保证。The 19th National Congress of the CPC greatly consolidated the hearts of the Party, the army and the people, sounded the banner for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, and provided a fundamental guarantee for the prosperity of the country, national rejuvenation, and the happiness of the people。Party organizations at all levels in the province and the majority of Party members and cadres must fully understand the great significance of the 19th Party Congress,We will conscientiously study, publicize and implement the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress as our top political task at present and in the coming period,With a high sense of political responsibility and historical mission,Quickly set off the upsurge of learning, propagating and implementing the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Party,We should unify our thoughts and actions into the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Party,We will concentrate our efforts on fulfilling the tasks set out at the 19th National Congress of the Party,始终与以习近平同志为核心的党中央保持高度一致,We will be more conscious and resolute in implementing the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the CPC,Learn to understand and do the real work。
  2.Deeply understand and grasp the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress。学习宣传贯彻党的十九大精神,首先要原原本本认真研读党的十九大报告、中央纪委工作报告、党章和习近平同志重要讲话精神。We must deeply understand and grasp the theme of the 19th National Congress,始终牢记中国共产党人的初心和使命就是为中国人民谋幸福、为中华民族谋复兴;深刻领会和把握十八大以来党和国家取得的历史性成就和历史性变革,坚定中国特色社会主义道路自信、理论自信、制度自信、文化自信;深刻领会和把握中国特色社会主义进入新时代、我国社会主要矛盾发生变化的新特点,Firmly based on the primary stage of socialism, the biggest reality,Firmly adhere to the Party's basic line;A deep understanding and grasp of the historical mission of the Communist Party of China in the new era,Be prepared to work harder and harder,进行伟大斗争、建设伟大工程、推进伟大事业、实现伟大梦想;深刻领会和把握习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想和基本方略的丰富内涵,Strengthen theoretical armament,Strengthen ideological guidance,Into a guide to action;Deeply understand and grasp the strategic arrangement of the "two centenary goals",准确掌握决胜全面建成小康社会、基本实现社会主义现代化、建成富强民主文明和谐美丽的社会主义现代化强国的时间表;深刻领会和把握决胜全面小康、全面建设社会主义现代化强国的战略举措,We will thoroughly implement the new vision for development,Comprehensively promote the overall plan of the "five-in-One" and the "four-pronged comprehensive" strategy;Deeply understand and grasp the new requirements of Party building,We will deepen the development of comprehensive and strict self-governance over the Party,Consolidate the Party's governance foundation。
  3.Carefully organize and carry out the study, publicity and implementation of the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Party。Party committees (Party groups) at all levels should highlight key points and grasp the key points on the basis of comprehensive and systematic study, publicity and implementation,把着力点聚焦到习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想是党必须长期坚持的指导思想上,Focus on the historic achievements and historic changes in the cause of the Party and the country in the past five years,聚焦到作出中国特色社会主义进入了新时代、我国社会主要矛盾已经转化为人民日益增长的美好生活需要和不平衡不充分的发展之间的矛盾等重大论断的深远影响上,Focus on the implementation of the major decisions of the 19th National Congress of the Party,聚焦到习近平总书记是全党拥护、人民爱戴、当之无愧的党的领袖上,We will guide cadres and the masses to accurately grasp the ideological essence and core essentials of the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Party。The spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Party should be included in the important content of the central group of the Party Committee (Party group) to learn, and the theme of "do not forget the original heart, remember the mission" should be organized and carried out。Organizational departments, Party schools and administrative colleges at all levels must take the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress as an important part of cadre education and training。Grass-roots Party organizations should take various forms to organize the majority of Party members and cadres to seriously study the spirit of the 19th Party Congress。要深入开展宣讲活动,各级党员领导干部要带头宣讲,用群众喜闻乐见的形式,推动十九大精神进企业、进农村、进机关、进校园、进社区、进军营、进网站,确保家喻户晓、深入人心。Public opinion propaganda should be coordinated,Television, newspaper, radio, website and other media should be carefully planned, concentrated coverage,Develop columns for studying, propagating and implementing the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Party,An in-depth interpretation of the major theoretical viewpoints, major principles and policies, and major work arrangements put forward at the 19th National Congress of the Party,A number of weighful and in-depth reports, reviews, editorials, reviews and theoretical articles have been published,Pay attention to publicizing the special measures, typical deeds and good features of local departments and grassroots people to learn and implement。Keep in touch with reality,Put yourself in there,把学习宣传贯彻十九大精神与学习贯彻落实习总书记2013年视察海南时重要讲话精神结合起来、与学习贯彻落实省第七次党代会和省委七届二次、三次全会部署结合起来、与开展大研讨大行动结合起来、与各地各部门的工作实际和个人思想实际结合起来,Learn to think and practice enlightenment,Be thoroughly integrated,We will put the spirit of the 19th National Congress into practice in all our specific work。
  4.准确理解习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想的重大意义和重要内涵。党的十八大以来,以习近平同志为主要代表的中国共产党人,顺应时代发展,从理论和实践结合上系统回答了新时代坚持和发展中国特色社会主义这个重大时代课题,创立了习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想。这是对马克思列宁主义、毛泽东思想、邓小平理论、“三个代表”重要思想、科学发展观的继承和发展,It is the latest achievement of the Sinicization of Marxism,It is the crystallization of the practical experience and collective wisdom of the Party and the people,It is an important component of the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics,It is the action guide for the whole Party and the whole people to strive for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation,It must be maintained and developed for a long time。To deeply understand the "eight clear" rich connotation,准确理解新时代坚持和发展中国特色社会主义思想的总目标、总任务、总体布局、战略布局和发展方向、发展方式、发展动力、战略步骤、外部条件、政治保证等基本问题,Internalized in the mind, externalized in the line,Make it a powerful ideological weapon for promoting various undertakings in the construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics。
  5.We will resolutely implement the basic policy of upholding and developing socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era。The report to the 19th National Congress brilliantly elaborated on the "Fourteen Adherence" basic strategy for upholding and developing socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era,It covers upholding the Party's leadership and comprehensively and strictly governing the Party,It covers the overall layout of "five in one" and the strategic layout of "four comprehensives",It covers national defense and army building, safeguarding national security, "one country, two systems" and national reunification, and foreign strategy,It embodies the connotation of the party's basic program, basic experience and basic requirements,The question of how to uphold and develop socialism with Chinese characteristics is a major issue of our times,It is a practical guide for us to undertake a new mission in the new era, open a new journey and continue to write a new chapter。要提高政治站位和政治觉悟,坚决贯彻“十四个坚持”,将其作为指导中国特色社会主义事业发展的根本遵循,在认识上不断深化,在行动中坚决执行。It is necessary to creatively and comprehensively implement the Party's basic theory, basic line and basic strategy in light of the actual situation, and strive to promote the construction of a beautiful new Hainan。
 6.We will refine strategic arrangements for implementing the development of socialism with Chinese characteristics in a new era。十九大综合分析国际国内形势和我国发展条件,明确到2020年全面建成小康社会,实现第一个百年目标,到本世纪中叶,分两个阶段实现第二个百年目标,把我国建成富强民主文明和谐美丽的社会主义现代化强国。The seventh Provincial Party Congress put forward the goal of accelerating the construction of a beautiful new Hainan with economic prosperity, social civilization, ecological livable and people's happiness, which is fully in line with the spirit of the 19th National Congress。It should be combined with the latest requirements of the 19th National Congress of the Party,Further refine Hainan's development goals in the next three decades,To build a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way in step with the whole country by 2020,Accelerate the building of a beautiful new Hainan;By 2035, the main indicators of economic and social development will reach the advanced level of the country,We will basically achieve socialist modernization in step with the rest of the country,To realize the "three visions" of a happy home for the Hainan people, a four-season garden for the Chinese nation, and a holiday paradise for Chinese and foreign tourists;By mid-century,Major indicators of economic and social development have reached the level of developed economies,It will become an important window to showcase the Chinese dream of building a community with a shared future for mankind and realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation。
  Third, thoroughly implement the new development concepts, comprehensively deepen reform and opening up, and build a modern economic system in Hainan
  7.We will deepen supply-side structural reform。以提高供给体系质量为主攻方向,坚持质量第一、效益优先,推动经济发展质量变革、效率变革、动力变革,以加快壮大十二个重点产业为抓手做强实体经济。We will actively promote the development of a model province for all-region tourism,Promote the internationalization of tourism,Create a tropical characteristics of efficient agricultural ace,We will promote the intensive, clustered, environmentally friendly, industrial park and high-tech development of new industries,We will vigorously develop the Marine economy,Actively participate in the exploration and development of oil and gas resources and gas hydrate in key waters of the South China Sea,We will foster new growth areas and create new driving forces in mid - and high-end consumption, green and low-carbon development, the sharing economy, and deep-sea space science and technology,To upgrade Hainan's economy。We will improve the six types of industrial parks。Implement the strategy of a strong province of science and technology and a strong province of quality, create an industry incubation base for small and medium-sized enterprises, enhance the ability of scientific and technological research and development and the transformation of achievements, and create "Hainan quality" and "Hainan brand".。
  We will encourage more social entities to engage in innovation and entrepreneurship, support the development of private enterprises, build a friendly and clean relationship between government and business, and enhance the vitality of various market entities。We will stimulate and protect the entrepreneurial spirit, promote the spirit of model workers and artisans, and foster a social atmosphere in which labor is glorious and excellence is upheld。
  8.We will deepen reform in key areas。We will vigorously carry forward the spirit of the Special Administrative Region that dares to venture, to be the first, and to work hard, resolutely break down the drawbacks of the system and mechanisms, and break through the barriers of solidified interests。Deepen the reform of "multiple plans in one" in provinces and ensure "one blueprint to the end"。We will deepen the adjustment of regional divisions and reform of the administrative system,Consider the various institutional Settings,We will explore ways to merge party and government organs with similar functions or establish joint offices,We will deepen reform of public institutions,We will separate government and business affairs and separate management and operation.We will further transform government functions,Further streamline administration and delegate power,Adhere to the "trinity",We will fully implement the negative list system for market access,Deepen the reform of the commercial system,We will speed up the process of "combining multiple certificates" and "not meeting each other",We will relax restrictions on access to the service sector。We will deepen the reform of agricultural reclamation, cultivate and strengthen the main players of the agricultural reclamation market, and activate the management mechanism, operation mechanism, and cooperation mechanism of agricultural reclamation。推进国企国资改革,完善以管资本为主的国有资产监管体制,深化与央企战略合作,发展混合所有制经济,以国有资本为纽带,打造全省性的重点产业发展平台。We will accelerate reform of the fiscal system and establish a fiscal relationship between provinces, cities and counties with clear powers and responsibilities, coordinated financial resources, and balanced regional balance。We will establish a comprehensive, standardized and transparent budget system with scientific standards and strong constraints, and fully implement performance-based management。We will improve the local tax system and form a scientific, rational and steadily growing tax mechanism。We will deepen reform of the financial system, promote the sound development of a multi-tiered capital market, and improve the financial sector's ability to serve the real economy.We will improve the financial regulatory system and ensure that systemic risks do not occur。努力构建区域协调发展新机制,加快推进“海澄文”一体化综合经济圈和“大三亚”旅游经济圈建设,建设儋州、琼海区域中心城市,推动周边城镇协调发展,保育发展好中部生态区,扶持少数民族地区发展进步。
  9.Create a new pattern of all-round opening up。Proceeding from the overall situation of national strategy and national rejuvenation, we should firmly grasp the strategic positioning and historical mission of Hainan and further open up to the outside world。We will actively create conditions and explore the construction of free trade ports。Promote connectivity of maritime and air transport infrastructure with countries and regions along the Belt and Road,Encrypted outbound route,To build an international tourist entry and exit hub as well as China's cross-border air logistics hub for Southeast Asia and Oceania,We will speed up the construction of a harbor airport economic zone,We will build a Belt and Road platform for international exchanges and cooperation, a demonstration zone for Marine development and cooperation, and a demonstration zone for cooperation between China (Hainan) and ASEAN advantageous industries。Actively strive for the pan-South China Sea economic cooperation circle to become a national strategy。To deepen economic cooperation among the Qiongdong-Guangdong-Guangxi region, regional cooperation in the pan-Pearl River Delta region, the development of the Beibu Gulf City cluster and the Qiongzhou Strait Economic Belt, integrate it into the development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and deepen exchanges and cooperation with Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan。We will carry out trials for innovative development of trade in services and open the service sector wider to the outside world。Support strong local enterprises to "go global"。Yangpu will be built into an oil and gas reserve and processing base, a shipping center and an international energy trading center facing Southeast Asia。Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone into an international medical technology service industry gathering area。保持和展现博鳌小镇的田园风光特色,营造非正式、舒适、和谐的会议氛围,高质量服务保障和利用好博鳌亚洲论坛,办好中非合作圆桌会议,努力建设我国立足亚洲、面向世界的重要国际交往平台。落实中央亲诚惠容周边外交理念,深化同泛南海周边国家菠菜信用网,发挥友城和华侨华人作用,扩大海南国际朋友圈,把南海建成和平、友谊和合作之海,体现海南担当,贡献海南力量。
  10.We vigorously implemented the rural revitalization strategy。按照产业兴旺、生态宜居、乡风文明、治理有效、生活富裕的总体要求,推动公共资源、基础设施、产业发展、公共服务向农村延伸,高水平建设“美丽海南百镇千村”,加快推进农业农村现代化。积极发展多种形式适度规模经营,培育发展订制农业、物联网农业、创意农业、休闲农业、乡村旅游等新业态,探索与推行“共享农庄”等模式,打造海南特色田园综合体,推动农村一二三产业深度融合发展。We will vigorously develop inclusive finance and set up an agricultural industry development fund。We will promote the extension of the "five networks" to rural areas, comprehensively solve the "last kilometer" problem of drinking water safety in rural areas, farmland irrigation and public transportation, and coordinate the construction and management of township sewage treatment facilities。Strengthen the control of rural planning, protect traditional villages, orderly implement the renovation project of rural architectural features, excavate and organize farming culture, and improve the taste of villages。巩固和完善农村基本经营制度,加快推进农村土地确权,稳步推进农村土地“三权分置”改革和经营权流转,保持土地承包关系稳定并长久不变,第二轮土地承包到期后再延长三十年。We will deepen reform of the rural collective property rights system and the rural collective land system, safeguard farmers' rights and interests, and strengthen the collective economy。We will extensively carry out mass sports and cultural activities and comprehensively improve people's cultural and ethical standards。加强农村基层基础工作,健全自治、法治、德治相结合的乡村治理体系,完善以村党组织、村委会、村务监督委员会、村务协商会为载体的乡村治理结构,培养造就一支懂农业、爱农村、爱农民的“三农”工作队伍。
  11.We will improve the "five networks" system of modern infrastructure。We will give priority to infrastructure development of road, optical, power, gas and water networks。We will expand and build new airports in Haikou, Sanya and Danzhou to improve Hainan's aviation system。We will promote the construction of high-speed railways from Haikou to Zhanjiang and other convenient transportation modes, and connect Hainan with the rest of the country in high-speed railways。Planning and construction of the northern and southern rail transit networks。We will accelerate the construction of Feng-shaped expressways and round-the-island tourist roads。We will raise the level of construction of the "four ports and five ports" and the island port system, promote the integration of ports and shipping in the Qiongzhou Strait, and realize seamless connectivity of passenger and cargo transportation。Promote the full coverage of optical fiber networks and high-speed mobile communication networks in urban and rural areas of the province, and build smart cities。We will build a safe, stable and clean energy infrastructure system, build the second phase of the Changjiang Nuclear Power Plant and other new energy projects, and promote the construction of the main grid structure of the power grid and the intelligent upgrading of urban and rural power grids。Construct a gas supply network covering urban and rural areas of the province。Implement the island-wide water network project to build a coordinated and balanced ecological water conservancy infrastructure system。Comprehensively build a sponge city, strengthen the construction of urban underground space and comprehensive pipeline corridor。
  Fourth, strengthen the construction of ecological civilization and write a chapter of beautiful Hainan in China
  12.We will uphold ecological provincialism and green development。Firmly establish and practice the concept that clear waters and lush mountains are gold and silver mountains, and guide economic and social development with ecological progress。Implement the "Decision on Further Strengthening the Construction of Ecological Civilization and Writing a Chapter of Beautiful Hainan China" issued by the Second Plenary Session of the Seventh Provincial Party Committee。发挥“多规合一”引领作用,加强国土空间用途管制,统筹陆海、区域、城乡绿色发展,优化生产空间、生活空间、生态空间,严格落实生态保护红线、永久基本农田、城镇开发边界三条控制线。We will significantly reduce the intensity of consumption of water, land and other resources, and promote comprehensive conservation and recycling of resources。We will attract the best investment with the best resources, raise the entry threshold for enterprises in energy conservation and environmental protection, vigorously introduce a number of ecological and environmental protection projects, and establish a sound economic system for green, low-carbon and circular development。We will develop green finance and strengthen energy conservation, environmental protection, clean production and clean energy industries。We will accelerate the development of a clean energy system with clean electricity and natural gas as the mainstay, supplemented by renewable energy, and build an island of green energy。New industries such as medicine, oil and gas, low-carbon manufacturing and aerospace will be intensively developed in different areas, and the "enclave" policy will be implemented. In principle, all industrial projects must enter the park according to the planning。We advocate a simple, moderate, green and low-carbon way of life, and carry out activities such as the establishment of energy-saving institutions, green families, green schools, green communities, and green travel, so as to promote harmonious coexistence between man and nature。
  13.We will strengthen ecosystem protection and environmental improvement。按照山水林田湖草是一个生命共同体的理念,全面开展“生态修复、城市修补”工程,修复生态保护红线区、林区、矿山、湿地、珊瑚礁、沿海防护林带和红树林的生态系统,提倡种本地树、本地花、本地草,倡导城市更新。Establish a system of natural protected areas with national parks as the main body, implement ecological migration and relocation, and strive to establish tropical rainforest national parks and Marine national parks。We will accelerate the construction of urban and rural sewage and garbage treatment facilities and promote garbage classification。深入推进生态环境“六项整治”,严格落实“河长制”,持续实施水、大气、土壤污染防治行动,防治农业面源污染,加强耕地、湿地、林地保护。We will carry out a comprehensive campaign to improve the urban and rural environment, effectively crack down on illegal construction, and solve prominent environmental problems。Strengthen Marine environmental protection, comprehensive improvement of sea areas and islands, and comprehensively implement the "bay chief system"。We will implement the reform of environmental public interest litigation。To ensure that the quality of Hainan's ecological environment can only be better, not worse, and strive to build a national ecological civilization demonstration zone。
  14.We will develop a long-term mechanism for promoting ecological progress。Strengthen the overall design of ecological civilization construction, and improve the legal system of ecological resource protection。We will actively promote third-party treatment of environmental pollution, establish a market-based and diversified fund investment mechanism, and improve the ecological compensation mechanism。设立国有自然资源资产管理和自然生态监管机构,完善生态环境管理制度,统一行使全民所有自然资源资产所有者职责,统一行使所有国土空间用途管制和生态保护修复职责,统一行使监管城乡各类污染排放和行政执法职责。The third land survey in Hainan Province has been carried out to determine the rights to natural ecological Spaces such as water flows, forests, mountains, wasteland and beaches。We will improve the system of local laws and regulations on ecological and environmental protection, and comprehensively enhance our law enforcement and judicial capacity for environmental protection。加强党对生态文明建设的领导,落实生态环境保护“党政同责、一岗双责”,淡化并逐步取消省对市县GDP、工业产值、固定资产投资的考核,探索建立绿色GDP核算体系。We will prepare a balance sheet of natural resources, audit leading officials for their natural resource assets when they leave office, and hold them accountable for their lifetime for causing damage to the ecological environment。
  Fifth, adhere to the concept of people-centered development, and improve the level of ensuring and improving people's livelihood
  15.We will resolutely win the battle against poverty。We will implement the responsibility system under which the head of the Party and government bears overall responsibility, consolidate responsibility at various levels, and improve the poverty alleviation pattern featuring special poverty alleviation, industrial poverty alleviation, and social poverty alleviation。Adhere to the precise identification of poverty, accurate assistance, accurate withdrawal, integration of all types of poverty alleviation resources and funds, targeted investment, focus on solving the task of poverty alleviation in deeply impoverished areas, and ensure the steady growth of poor farmers' income。We will set up night schools on poverty alleviation and getting rich, focusing on fostering aspiration and wisdom, and enhancing the awareness and ability of poor people to become self-reliant and get rid of poverty and get rich。We will strengthen the supervision, assessment and accountability of poverty alleviation, strictly investigate acts that violate the interests of the masses in the field of poverty alleviation, achieve true poverty alleviation, and form a long-term mechanism for permanent poverty alleviation and prosperity。
  16.We will raise the level of education and medical care。Education is the basic project of building a beautiful new Hainan, we must give priority to education, increase investment in education, deepen education reform, and implement the fundamental task of cultivating morality and people。We will accelerate the construction of "one city (county), two schools and one park",We will promote the integrated development of urban and rural education,Universal preschool and senior high school education,We will strengthen special education and online education,We will improve the modern vocational education system,We will support the healthy development of privately-run education,We will accelerate the development of "first-class disciplines" such as Hainan University,We will promote the inclusive development of higher education,Strengthen teachers' ethics and ethics,Cultivate a team of high-quality teachers,Education was basically modernized。建设健康海南,完善分级诊疗制度,加快“一市(县)一院”建设,加强农村医疗队伍建设,健全城乡全覆盖的基本医疗卫生服务体系,强化热带病、传染病和重大疾病防控。We will raise the level of protection for major and serious diseases, deepen the settlement of medical insurance in different places, and encourage the development of various commercial medical and health insurance。We will vigorously develop the medical and health industries。Improve the health literacy of the whole people。Implement the food safety strategy。
  17.We will improve the social security system。In accordance with the requirements of the bottom line, the construction of a dense network, and the establishment of mechanisms, we will fully establish a multi-level social security system that covers the whole people, integrates urban and rural areas, has clear rights and responsibilities, and provides appropriate and sustainable protection。We will increase financial input, do our best and do what we can, and speed up the solution of the most direct and realistic interests of the people。Accelerate the construction of the province's unified social insurance public service platform and human resources social security information system。We will fully implement the universal insurance scheme。完善社会救助、社会福利、慈善事业、优抚安置和最低生活保障等制度,健全农村留守儿童和妇女、老年人关爱服务体系,推进医养结合,加快老龄事业和养老产业发展。We will strengthen rehabilitation services for the disabled。We should adhere to the position that houses are for living in, not speculation, and accelerate the establishment of a housing system featuring multi-subject supply, multi-channel security, and both rental and purchase。
  18.We will do everything possible to raise the quality of employment and the income of urban and rural residents。把就业作为最大的民生,坚持实施就业优先战略和积极就业政策,大力培育创业就业公共服务平台,推行终身职业技能培训制度,实现更高质量和更充分就业。We will improve the mechanism for coordinating labor relations and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of workers, especially migrant workers。We will improve the system and mechanism for distributing income according to factors of production and make income distribution more rational and orderly。We will improve the mechanism for regular wage increases, ensure that personal income increases in tandem with economic growth, and that labor remuneration increases in tandem with labor productivity。We will expand the middle-income group, increase the income of low-income groups, adjust excessively high incomes, ban illegal incomes, and narrow the gap in income distribution。We will expand the channels for people to earn income from labor and property。We will implement a new round of plans to increase rural incomes and continue to increase rural incomes。
  6. Promote the prosperity of socialist culture with cultural self-confidence and enhance the soft power of international tourism island
  19.Firmly grasp the leadership of ideological work。Ideological work is an extremely important work of the Party, determining the direction of cultural development and the road to development, we must build a strong cohesive and leading socialist ideology。严格落实意识形态工作责任制,不断增强意识形态领域主导权和话语权,注意区分政治原则问题、思想认识问题、学术观点问题,旗帜鲜明反对和抵制各种错误观点。抓好哲学社会科学和新型智库建设,强化马克思主义理论研究和建设,加大部校共建的力度,推动习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想深入人心。Adhere to the Party's control of the media, adhere to the correct direction of publicity and public opinion, and strengthen the construction and management of ideological and public opinion positions。We should attach great importance to the development and innovation of communication means, accelerate the integrated development of media, constantly expand the mainstream media, and improve the transmission, guidance, influence and credibility of news and public opinion。We will strengthen the development of Internet content, establish a comprehensive network governance system, and create a clean cyberspace。We will strengthen cultural and people-to-people exchanges with other countries, improve our ability to communicate with others, tell Hainan's stories well, and raise Hainan's international visibility。
  20.We will promote the building of spiritual civilization with the guidance of promoting core socialist values。Core socialist values embody the common pursuit of values of the entire people, and must become the most enduring and profound force。We will continue to take action by the whole people, take the lead by officials, start with families and start with children, and integrate core socialist values into all aspects of social development and translate them into the emotional identity and behavior of the people。We will deepen our efforts to promote social progress,深化文明城市、文明村镇、文明单位、文明家庭、文明校园创建活动;全面开展卫生(健康)城市、卫生(健康)村镇创建;大力实施公民道德建设工程,We will carry out a campaign to change customs and customs and promote the new style of The Times,Increase the promotion of advanced typical selection such as moral models, touching Hainan characters, the most beautiful characters, and the most beautiful families,Educate and guide the masses in accordance with the requirements of consolidating their hearts, abiding by discipline and law, fulfilling their duties, striving for hard work, being honest and trustworthy, cultivating morality and uprightly, volunteering, filial piety and loving the elderly,Strive to be a civilized Hainanese,Build a civilized island in Hainan,We will raise the level of social civility across the board。广泛开展理想信念教育,深化中国特色社会主义和中国梦宣传教育,大力弘扬中华优秀传统文化,深入挖掘和传承海南红色文化,坚持用革命传统铸魂育人,让红色基因代代相传。Promote the construction of integrity and the institutionalization of voluntary service, and strengthen the awareness of social responsibility, rules, and dedication。
  21.The creation of literature and art with local characteristics in Hainan will be prosperous and developed。Adhere to the people-oriented creation orientation, go deep into life and take root in the people。坚持思想精深、艺术精湛、制作精良相统一,加强现实题材创作,提升文艺原创力,推动文艺创新,倡导讲品位、讲格调、讲责任,抵制低俗、庸俗、媚俗,推出更多喜闻乐见、独具海南地方特色的文艺精品。加强文物保护利用和文化遗产保护传承,加大琼剧、黎锦苗绣、人偶戏、儋州山歌调声、竹竿舞等地方文化资源和非物质文化遗产保护研究利用,弘扬本土优秀历史文化,振兴民族传统工艺。We will strengthen the construction of literary and art personnel and cultivate more literary and art talents with both moral and artistic integrity。
  22.We will raise the level of development of basic public cultural services and cultural and sports industries。To meet the people's new expectations for a better life, we must further improve the system of public cultural services。推动创建省域公共文化服务体系示范区和国家体育旅游示范区,深入推进图书馆、博物馆、文化馆、美术馆、全民健身活动中心等公共文化设施的建设和免费开放,提升服务水平。深入实施文体惠民工程,创作和引进高水平文艺演出,举办高水平国际文化体育赛事活动,广泛开展全民健身活动,深入实施文化扶贫项目,构建区域间、城乡间均衡协调发展的现代公共文化服务体系。创新生产经营机制,完善文化经济政策,培育发展文化体育产业,扶持壮大动漫游戏、影视制作、体育赛事、旅游演艺等产业,不断提升以旅游业为龙头的现代服务业的文化内涵,推进文化体育与旅游深度融合。We will push forward the reform of the cultural management system and cultural enterprises and institutions in different categories, and establish systems and mechanisms that give top priority to social benefits and integrate social and economic benefits。
  7. Develop socialist democracy with Chinese characteristics and accelerate the construction of the rule of law in Hainan
  23.We will uphold and improve the system of people's congresses。The system of people's congresses is a fundamental political system in which the leadership of the Party, the role of the people as masters of the country, and the rule of law are integrated, and must be upheld and improved over time。To support the people's congresses and their standing committees at all levels of the province in giving full play to the role of organs of state power and exercising their functions and powers of legislation, supervision, decision making, appointment and removal in accordance with the law。We will support and ensure that deputies to people's congresses perform their duties in accordance with the law and play a better role。We strengthened the self-improvement of the People's Congress and its Standing Committee, improved the establishment of special committees of the People's Congress, optimized the composition of the Standing Committee and special committees of the People's Congress, and improved the ability to perform their duties in accordance with the law。
  24.Uphold and improve the system of multi-party cooperation and political consultation under the leadership of the Communist Party of China。We will support the CPPCC in fulfilling its functions and extend consultative democracy to the whole process of political consultation, democratic oversight, and participation in the deliberation and administration of state affairs。We will vigorously promote the extensive, multi-tiered and institutionalized development of consultative democracy。用心做好民族宗教工作、港澳台海外侨胞统战工作,加强新的社会阶层人士和非公经济人士工作,巩固和发展最广泛的爱国统一战线,充分调动社会各界参与建设美好新海南的积极性、创造性。
  25.We will deepen the practice of governing provinces by law。We regard the rule of law as an important guarantee for building a beautiful new Hainan, and vigorously promote scientific legislation, strict law enforcement, fair justice, and law-abiding by all people。Give full play to the role of the provincial Party Committee in comprehensively governing the province according to law leading group, make good use of the local legislative power and the legislative power of special economic zones, and establish and improve the local legal framework commensurate with the international tourism island。We will speed up the building of a law-based government, uphold law-based administration, improve and publish lists of government powers, responsibilities and negative lists, make government affairs more transparent, and strictly regulate, act in a fair and civilized manner。We will consolidate the achievements of the reform of the judicial system, improve related supporting measures, further implement the judicial responsibility system, and raise the level of judicial informatization and credibility。深入开展法制宣传教育,加大全民普法力度,加快公共法律服务体系建设,坚决杜绝以言代法、以权压法、逐利违法、徇私枉法,推动形成尊法学法守法用法的良好社会氛围。
  26.We will build a social governance pattern featuring joint contribution, joint governance and shared benefits, and build a safe Hainan。We will further improve the social governance system featuring party committee leadership, government responsibility, social coordination, public participation, and legal protection, and make social governance more socialized, law-based, intelligent, and professional。We will move the focus of social governance down, and continue to strengthen comprehensive treatment of key areas such as tourism, transportation, food and drugs, environmental health, illegal construction, and floating population。Take comprehensive measures to promote the development of safe Hainan,We will promote the construction of comprehensive treatment centers, Xueliang projects and community grid management,We will build an upgraded version of an island-shaped three-dimensional, information-based social security prevention and control system,Continue to carry out the general war against drugs,We will vigorously crack down on illegal and criminal activities involving gambling, prostitution, firearms, explosives and crime, Internet fraud, illegal pyramid schemes, ecological destruction, robbery, fraud and abduction,Enhance people's sense of security。认真贯彻总体国家安全观,构建反恐维稳长效机制,严密防范和严厉打击敌对势力渗透颠覆破坏、暴力恐怖活动,确保政治安全和社会稳定。坚持工作重心下沉,强化领导干部接访下访督访,充分发挥人民法庭、乡镇检察室、公安派出所、综治中心等基层政法机关的作用,健全完善社会矛盾预防和化解机制。We should firmly foster the concept of safe development, resolutely curb major and major safety accidents, and improve our capacity for disaster prevention, mitigation and relief。Strengthen the construction of the social psychological service system, and cultivate self-esteem, self-confidence, rational peace, and positive social mentality。We will continue to promote social equity and justice, foster effective social governance and sound social order, and make the people's sense of gain, happiness and security fuller, more secure, and more sustainable。
  27.We will accelerate the deepening of military-civilian integration。We will unswervingly implement the military-civilian integration development strategy and form a deep development pattern of military-civilian integration with Hainan characteristics。We will improve organizational management, work operation, policies and systems, and promote joint military and local consultation, industrial integration, scientific and technological development, joint construction of facilities, and logistics。We will vigorously develop military-civilian integration industries such as aerospace, deep-sea science and technology, and remote sensing information, and build Wenchang International Space City。We will strengthen national defense mobilization, civil air defense, and reserve forces, and support the reform of national defense and the armed forces。We will do a good job in building political power in Sansha, promoting rights protection and law enforcement, building infrastructure, protecting the Marine ecological environment, and improving people's livelihood, and strengthen our ability to safeguard rights and maintain stability at sea。Promote the "double support and joint construction", establish a management and support organization for retired soldiers, consolidate and develop the unity of the military, the government, the army and the people, and jointly defend the southern gate of the motherland。
  8. Promote the development of comprehensive and strict Party governance in depth, and create a clean and upright political environment
  28.Make it clear to uphold political discipline。Speaking politics is the fundamental requirement of our Party as a Marxist party, and we must continue to give top priority to Party political building。牢固树立“四个意识”,坚决维护以习近平同志为核心的党中央权威和集中统一领导,严守政治纪律和政治规矩,在政治立场、政治方向、政治原则、政治道路上同党中央保持高度一致,确保党中央政令畅通。We will respect the Party Constitution, strictly implement certain norms governing intra-Party political activities under the new circumstances, and make intra-Party political activities more political, contemporary, principled, and combative。We will strictly implement democratic centralism。弘扬忠诚老实、公道正派、实事求是、清正廉洁等价值观,坚决防止和反对个人主义、分散主义、自由主义、本位主义、好人主义,坚决防止和反对宗派主义、圈子文化、码头文化,坚决反对搞两面派、做两面人。Leading officials at all levels should take the lead in following the example, strengthen the exercise of Party spirit, improve political consciousness and political ability, and take loyalty to the Party, sharing the Party's worries, doing their duty for the Party, and benefiting the people as their fundamental political responsibility。
  29.We will build a contingent of highly qualified and professional cadres。Cadres are the backbone of building a beautiful new Hainan。We must adhere to the correct orientation in selecting and employing people,Correct the culture of selecting and employing people,Implement the ten requirements of the provincial Party Committee on understanding good cadres, training good cadres, and using good cadres,Prominent political criteria,着力提拔重用牢固树立“四个意识”和“四个自信”、坚决维护党中央权威、全面贯彻执行党的理论和路线方针政策、“忠诚干净、勇于担当、思想解放、能力突出”的好干部。We will strengthen education and training for officials and improve their overall quality and professional capabilities。We will make great efforts to find a reserve of young cadres, and pay attention to training young cadres at the grass-roots level and in difficult and arduous places。We will make a coordinated effort to train and select female officials, officials from ethnic minorities, and non-party officials。In accordance with the requirements of "three distinctions", we will establish a sound mechanism for tolerating and correcting errors, and clearly support officials who dare to take responsibility, work steadily, and do not seek personal gains。Party organizations at all levels should care for and take care of grass-roots cadres in both work and life。
  切实增强人才优先发展意识,大力引进、培养急需紧缺人才和创新型专业人才,挖掘使用好“候鸟型”人才,盘活用好本土现有人才,妥善解决人才的后顾之忧。We will introduce and implement preferential policies to encourage and guide the flow of talents to cities and counties in central and western China, remote and poverty-stricken areas, and grass-roots lines, and make Hainan an island of talents and technological innovation。
  30.Strengthen community-level party building。Primary-level Party organizations are the basis for ensuring the implementation of the Party's line, principles, policies, decisions, and arrangements. We must make unremitting efforts to strengthen primary-level Party building at various levels, and regard Party building as our greatest political achievement。以提升组织力为重点,突出政治功能,把基层党组织建设成为宣传党的主张、贯彻党的决定、领导基层治理、团结动员群众、推动改革发展的坚强战斗堡垒。坚持“三会一课”,继续抓好党支部规范化建设,把农村基层党建摆在重中之重,坚持抓党建与乡村振兴、脱贫攻坚、美丽乡村建设、全域旅游等重点工作紧密结合,充分发挥党员先锋模范作用,带领广大群众勤劳致富。统筹抓好企业、农村、机关、学校、科研院所、街道社区、社会组织等领域Party building work,着力解决一些基层党组织弱化、虚化、边缘化问题,确保基层党组织全面过硬。加强党务公开,搞好基层干部培训,加大投入、完善保障,推进党的基层组织设置和活动方式创新,确保基层党组织有资源、有能力、有阵地为群众服务。We will make the education and management of party members more targeted and effective, and carry out the organization and disposal of unqualified party members in a steady and orderly manner。
  31.We will continue to enforce discipline and fight corruption。We must deal seriously with all issues that the people strongly express, and resolutely correct all acts that harm the interests of the people。Leading cadres of Party members at all levels should be assigned higher and lower levels,We will consolidate and expand the achievements made in implementing the eight Provisions of the Central Committee,Conscientiously implement the implementation rules of the eight provisions of the Central Committee in accordance with the Political Bureau of the Central Committee,Make unremitting efforts to change your style,We will resolutely oppose the idea and phenomenon of privilege,Keep your family and staff in check,Make good use of the "Four Forms" of supervision and enforcement,Fulfill the responsibility of strictly governing the Party in all areas and departments。Adhere to no restricted areas, full coverage, zero tolerance,We will continue to focus on deterrence, strong pressure, and long-term deterrence,Insist on taking bribes together,We will resolutely prevent the formation of interest groups within the Party,Focus on investigation and punishment, do not converge and do not stop,The clues to the problem were concentrated and the masses responded strongly,Now important posts and may also be promoted to the use of leading cadres,We will resolutely win an overwhelming victory in the fight against corruption。We will deepen political inspections and give full play to the role of inspections and dispatched supervision。We will promote the extension of comprehensive and strict Party governance to the community level, strengthen anti-corruption efforts at the community level, and vigorously combat corruption among the people。We will implement reform of the national supervision system, establish provincial, city and county supervisory commissions, and ensure that supervision covers all public officials who exercise public power。We will improve the rules and regulations within the Party and lock power into an institutional cage。
  32.Encourage research。Investigation and research is the foundation of planning and the way to accomplish things. Without investigation, there is no right to speak and no decision-making power。各级党员领导干部要紧扣人民群众生产生活、经济社会发展实际、全面从严治党面临的现实问题、贯彻落实十九大精神和省第七次党代会部署需要解决的问题,Dive down, sink to the line,To the workshop docks, to the fields, to the market communities,Ask the masses for fresh ideas,We will fully listen to the opinions and suggestions of all parties at all levels,It not only summarizes the advanced experience in Hainan's development practice,It also studies and solves complex and sharp contradictions and problems,Gather the wisdom and strength of the whole province,We will make decision-making more scientific and democratic,We will do all our work well。
  33.We will comprehensively strengthen governance capacity。To assume the historical responsibility of building a beautiful new Hainan, Party organizations at all levels must be both politically competent and highly skilled。We must enhance our learning ability, create a strong atmosphere that is good at learning and brave in practice, and build a Marxist learning-oriented party organization。We will strengthen political leadership, adhere to strategic, innovative, dialectical, legal, and bottom-line thinking, and resolutely implement the Party's basic theory, line, and strategy。增强Reform and innovation本领,大力弘扬敢闯敢试、敢为人先、埋头苦干的特区精神,创造性谋划和推动海南改革开放发展,善于运用互联网技术和信息化手段开展工作。We will strengthen our scientific development skills, resolutely implement the new development concepts, and constantly open up new prospects for Hainan's development。We will enhance our ability to govern in accordance with the law, strengthen our awareness of the rule of law, and enhance the ability of leading officials to deepen reform, promote development, resolve conflicts, and maintain stability through the use of the rule of law thinking and methods。增强群众工作本领,创新群众工作体制机制和方式方法,推动工会、共青团、妇联等群团组织增强政治性、先进性、群众性,发挥联系群众的桥梁纽带作用。增强狠抓落实本领,坚持说实话、谋实事、出实招、求实效,坚决整治为官不为等现象,大力弘扬求真务实、马上就办的作风,以钉钉子精神做实做细做好各项工作。We will strengthen our ability to manage risks, actively adapt to the new normal of the economy, be good at handling complex problems, have the courage to overcome difficulties, and firmly grasp the initiative in our work。坚持问题导向,通过多岗位锻炼、多渠道培养,着力培育一批具有国际化视野、专业化水平的领导干部,切实提高各级党委(党组)把方向、谋大局、定政策、促改革的能力和适应新时代中国特色社会主义发展要求的能力。
  Party organizations at all levels and the broad masses of Party members and cadres in the province,要紧密团结在以习近平同志为核心的党中央周围,Hold high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics,Guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era,Unite and work hard,Reform and innovation,Make unremitting efforts to achieve a decisive victory in building a moderately prosperous society in all respects and accelerate the construction of a beautiful new Hainan!
  Source: Hainan Daily