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Eventful years, ten years。 

advancing"Hainan Wantai" has developed into a large-scale construction enterprise integrating municipal construction, real estate construction, decoration, building materials and steel, and project budget。 

For ten years, weWe have accumulated strong corporate strength and rich cultural heritage, and built a large number of landmark projects nationwide.An axis has"Wantai" characteristics, "Wantai" style, "Wantai" style of fine masterpieces, displayed in front of the world,Renowned inside and outside the industry

Enterprises such as chess, join forces to win。The long-term development of the industry requires management elites to strategize, strategize, and rely on all employees to work together and go all out。Only by working together as one,The "Wantai" chess can be more magnificent, the "Wantai" road can be more magnificent, and the soul of "Wantai" can be more deeply rooted in people's hearts。"Wan Tai people" can fly in the sky, walk on the ground, Feng Xu Yu wind, stride forward。 

Witness glory with struggle, and express the future with endeavour。The future growth of "Wantai" requires us to look at long-term development, enlarge the elements of success, boldly respond to challenges, and stride forward。

Looking to the future,“万泰”The original intention is not changed, full of ambition。我们以习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想为指导,全面贯彻党的十九大和十九届二中、三中、四中全会精神,在海南大力Building pilot free trade zones and free trade ports with Chinese characteristicsAt present, with the attitude of a pioneer in reform and innovation, opening up the transformation and upgrading of China's private construction enterprises will"Wantai" to create excellent and excellent first-class construction enterprises, to achieve sharing, win-win and joint construction with employees, customers and the industry。

The wind is strong, the sails are wide, and the waves are more calm。

We believe: in the vast blue sky under the pen dragon snake, majestic pride, the futureWantai will be even more ambitious。